The lightning & overvoltage protection specialist

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Le plus rapide du marché<br />
1000 fois plus rapide qu'un parafoudre conventionnel ... Le meilleur niveau protection<br />
Up = 0.8kV, pour l'électronique la plus sensible ... Une utilisation facile et sans risque Un grand pouvoir d'écoulement. Même en cas de coup de foudre très proche ... Un fonctionnement accessible Une société qui s'engage sur la qualité de ses produits et du service


Thanks to its exclusive technology based on Zener diodes, the FUSADEE® SPDs offer the following advantages:

  • They are the fastest to discharge overvoltage surges to the earth (about 1,000 times faster than any other SPD)
  • The best protection level (Up=0.8kV) for the most sensitive electronic equipment. No surge above 800V will go through (compared to 1,500V for other SPDs)
  • A single FUSADEE® SPD is required at the service entrance of the installation! Thanks to the low Up and its triggering time, there is no need for additional SPDs: choice & installation are simple.
  • Daily fleeting surges do not wear down internal components: no preventive replacements expenses.
  • Continuity of protection even in case of a close lightning strike.
  • A great discharge capacity even in case of a close lightning strike.
  • No additional disconnector required: the ground fault circuit interrupter will fulfill this purpose as advocated by the standard NF EN 61643-11 (in TT or TN earthing system)
  • Money-saving and eco-friendly SPDs: the FUSADEE® cartridges preserve your equipment and have a nil power consumption whereas the leakage current in MOVs grows bigger after each use...