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Le plus rapide du marché, 1000 fois plus rapide qu'un parafoudre conventionnel ...
Le meilleur niveau protection Up = 0.8kV, pour l'électronique la plus sensible ...
Une utilisation facile et sans risque


Thanks to its exclusive technology based on Zener diodes, the FUSADEE® SPDs offer the following advantages:

  • They are the fastest to discharge overvoltage surges to the earth (about 1,000 times faster than any other SPD)
  • The best protection level (Up=0.8kV) for the most sensitive electronic equipment. No surge above 800V will go through (compared to 1,500V for other SPDs)
  • A single FUSADEE® SPD is required at the service entrance of the installation! Thanks to the low Up and its triggering time, there is no need for additional SPDs: choice & installation are simple.
  • Daily fleeting surges do not wear down internal components: no preventive replacements expenses.
  • Continuity of protection even in case of a close lightning strike.
  • A great discharge capacity even in case of a close lightning strike.
  • No additional disconnector required: the ground fault circuit interrupter will fulfill this purpose as advocated by the standard NF EN 61643-11 (in TT or TN earthing system)
  • Money-saving and eco-friendly SPDs: the FUSADEE® cartridges preserve your equipment and have a nil power consumption whereas the leakage current in MOVs grows bigger after each use...
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